Come as you are…


The Utah Buddhists Online Sangha is the online Sangha born out of  The Salt Lake Buddhist Fellowship, with collaborative support from the Independent Mt Timpanogos Buddhist Sangha in Utah Valley.  Our Sanghas are a lay-led, non-sectarian Sanghas influenced by the Pure Land Buddhist tradition and the teachings of Gyomay and  Koyo Kubose Senseis.  We invite you to come as you are.

Our organization focuses on the universal teachings of Gautama Buddha, the historical Buddha. Our approach follows the teachings of the Way of Oneness, a unique form of American Buddhism developed by Venerable Rev. Gyomay Kubose based on the Shin-Zen tenets and teachings of Japanese Mahayana Buddhism. At the same time, we are administrative, financially and politically independent and not part of any formal organizational hierarchy, that being said, our sensei Christopher “Kakuyo” Ross-Leibow is a Sensei with the Bright Dawn Center for Oneness Buddhism.

Our Mission and Vision Statement. 

Vision Statement

We envision Utah Buddhists Online Sangha as a diverse, all-inclusive, and mutually supportive online community, dedicated to the spirit of come as you are (sonomama), practicing the Buddha’s teachings in daily life, through deep listening and ethical conduct by using both secular and devotional approaches to cultivate compassion for ourselves and for all people.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Utah Buddhists Online Sangha is to embody and communicate the teachings of the Buddha and to share an Everyday Buddhism envisioned by Reverend Gyomay and Reverend Koyo Kubose. This approach helps all people find freedom of mind and heart, to deepen their wisdom and manifest compassion.  Our aspiration is that together we will attain enlightenment; the Buddhist non-dual awakening to the Oneness of all things for the benefit of all.  We call this the Way of Oneness.  


We will accomplish this in the following ways.

  • By providing a safe online refuge and community where there is learning, openness, vulnerability, humility, acceptance, and the realization of interdependence. A safe place where one can cultivate deep listening, compassion, love, wisdom, and understanding for oneself and others.
  • By offering instruction on Buddhist teaching and for the sharing of the teachings and practice of an Everyday Buddhism, inspired by Pureland and Bright Dawn Buddhist views of radical acceptance, naturalness, selflessness, interdependence, improvisation, and oneness.
  • By promoting a life of Nembutsu ( through gratitude, acceptance, transcendence, and wonder) found in the personification of Amitabha Buddha and by so doing, accomplish the realization of the oneness of all things in our everyday lives.


Through our online community, we look to deeply explore ourselves and the Way of Oneness in order to deepen our appreciation, knowledge, and experience of the Mahayana Buddhist teachings and practices, we use readings from various Buddhist traditions and each of our rich personal experiences. We are looking to do this through online gatherings and online classes.

We would love for you to join us in practice online or in person.

to access our ONLINE SANGHA and to join please go to:


Utah Buddhists Online 

“Namu Amida Butsu” 

For in-person services

Salt LakeBuddhist Fellowship Services at 10:00 am – 11:30 am every Sunday   Located at Vitalize Community Studios     3474 S 2300 E #12, Millcreek, UT 84109

For Mount Timpanogos, Buddhist Sangha times and location reach out to Jenn Kiyo here

Contact us at  or or Call Christopher “Kakuyo” Ross-Leibow  at  801-502-8130


Christopher Kakuyo Leibow  Sensei

Mailing Address:  PO Box 55803, Salt Lake City, UT 84158

Kakuyo sensei is a lay minister with Bright Dawn Way of Oneness Buddhism and is the sensei and founder of the Salt Lake Buddhist Fellowship.